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Step out your comfort zone for the New Year (2017)

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The New Year is fast approaching and it is also the time of the year where you an I tend to spend more time reflecting back on the year and also the past. But constantly looking back is just messing with your neck and nobody likes a stiff neck, instead we should look forward and plan on what we aspire to achieve in the NEW YEAR (2017)…

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Lets face it how many of us fail to follow through what we have set out to achieve the year before? It is not easy, because anything worthwhile require us to step out of our comfort zone and take a certain amount of risk to be able to achieve the goal. That being said, we should bear in mind that nothing in life comes easy, and certainly not overnight. So the team at The iSpace has came up with 3 ways to keep you on track to achieving your goals for the New Year (2017).


1) Start




Now, there is no need to look at the next 2 tips, if you are not able to conquer the first one, which is to “START”. Now, what do we mean by START? It basically mean’s putting in the time to do your research, planning, strategising, and to get your resources needed to get you closer to launching your dream business, a personal goal to hit the gym more often, or just as simple as spending more time with your family.

Many of us fail before we event start. Having a goal is an achievement on its own, as most people live their lives day by day with no direction or goals. But one thing that most successful people all have in common is they walk the talk. They not just set goals, they actually sacrifice their TIME to achieve their goals. We should not forget nothing is handed to us on a plate and anything that is worthwhile requires us to take risks and make sacrifice. So for the New Year, Let us not just keeping planning and thinking and talking about what we want in life, LET’S “START” doing more. Just remember “that a journey of a thousand miles, begins with 1 step”


2) The Process

The Process


The Second part is equally as important as the first. Now that you’ve started, the next part is to enjoy the process and journey. Most of us evaluate our progress by the results, however, results are not the only benchmark of your success. We encourage to set yourself little target milestone, whereby every little task you managed to achieve is considered a mile stone achievement, and you should celebrate it. The second part is also where many of us tend to drop off and abandon our goals because we do not see quick and instant results as most of us are not patient enough and want to see instant results. The key to sustain the second phase is “PATIENCE”. We can’t emphasise how important it is to stay focused and remind ourselves that anything worthwhile doesn’t happen over night, it may take a month, a year, or 10 years, but if you keep going at it, day by day, one step at a time, you will eventually see the results.


Lets not forget to enjoy the journey as the journey itself is an adventure and a lifelong learning experience and in fact it is the journey that bring us the most memories and not the end result. The end result is just a product of the journey. What fun is there in achieving your dreams and goals when you don’t have a juicy and dramatic story to tell your family and friends. BELIEVE IN THE PROCESS :)


3) Have an open mind

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Finally, you are now on track to achieving your goals. You will come across people in your circle such as friends and family whom will be interested to find out on your progress. But be prepared to receive negative comments and feedback. It is normal. The important thing is to always have an open mind and to hear everything everyone has to say or comment, they are entitled to their opinion. But do not let their opinion drift you from your progress and end goal. But having an open mind has it’s benefits as you will also get many well wishes and praises on your achievement and progress. And sometime they might even contribute to new ides that you may have not have thought of.


Finally, although we are slightly over a month away from the New Year, there is no harm to start thinking of what we want to achieve in the new year (2017). At The iSpace, our goal is to constantly improve our service and offerings to our clients and guest, providing a clean and comfortable environment for is no longer a goal, as it is embedded in our DNA. Our goal is to go beyond the venues business, we want to create a lifestyle experience for all our guest, we want them to feel happy and excited when they are at The iSpace. The road is never ending, everyday brings a new challenge, a new mistake, many ups and downs, but if we can  just remind ourselves to stick to our goals, one way or another, sometime down the road, we will get there, That we know for sure.


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November 20, 2016

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